Serving some of the most demanding industries right from automotive and manufacturing to heavy engineering and construction, we can be your trusted ally carrying global experience and knowledge intertwined with local expertise to equip your industry with the most efficient material handling equipment and related services.

Automotive Industries

“From presses and assembly lines to workstations and warehouses, we offer a complete range of industrial cranes, material-handling equipment and support for constructing automobiles and trucks”

  • Compact range of our chain hoists offer solutions for up to 4t SWL featuring high build quality.
  • Modular design allows a huge range of lifting speeds of up to 20 m/min for hook paths of up to 50m.
  • Very low headroom requirement for optimum space utilisation, a standard precision lifting speed for sensitive lifting and lowering operations and brake linings with a long service life.

Cement Industries

“We embrace appropriate crane and industrial drive solutions for the building material sector, be it handling auxiliary materials or moving finished goods”

Our crane installations are well suited for delicately transferring and accurately positioning enormous volumes of products since they are expressly made for operation in difficult conditions. Our machines offer motions for each phase of the production process.

  • Lime and gypsum production in cement plants
  • Concrete precast components
  • industry of glass

Construction Equipment Industries

“We offer mobile and fixed tower cranes, crawler cranes, truck-mounted cranes, lorry loaders, backhoe loaders, vibratory rollers, piling rigs, forklifts, warehouse equipment, tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery in addition to mobile cranes”

With difficult projects, tight deadlines, and increased safety concerns, having the right partner to sail you through these challenges makes a difference and that is where our role comes in. With the most recent technology, a full line of equipment from Mechatro leads its industry. We're here to support you in completing each step as you create a prosperous business. As a leading manufacturer of material handling and construction equipment in India, we lead the mobile and tower cranes market. Our installations and driving systems are present wherever construction or infrastructure projects are undertaken, not just on construction sites but also when the building's components are prefabricated.

Defense Industries

“We priorities accuracy, efficiency, and dependability in advanced projects with rigid standards and high levels of innovation work together to provide defense industry-specific handling systems that meet exacting military specifications”

We acknowledge that military cranes with armor are entirely designed to meet military specifications. The protection of that is of utmost importance with respect to which our military cranes have well-protected drivers and crane cabs constructed on an all-terrain chassis, making them perfect for off-road operations and driving on public roads.

The strong telescoping booms can quickly and easily raise goods of any kind. We provide armored recovery cranes that excel in recovering, towing, and hoisting designed specifically for recovering and hauling damaged cars.

Casting Foundries

“We develop process cranes with superior lifting safety and fluid forward motion for moving molten iron and carrying molds designed to handle extreme conditions with high temperatures, high levels of dust, and toxic gases”

One of the most important pieces of machinery used in steel production is the foundry crane, used in metal smelting facilities to lift and transfer hot molten metal. Foundry overhead cranes are typically suited for ambient temperatures between -10 °C and +50 °C and operate in difficult conditions. These cranes are unique models created to adhere to International process and design standards.

Whiting uses modern engineering and manufacturing techniques to create its cranes. With our considerable application experience, we provide custom cranes for every metal production and processing sector to maximize uptime for important process applications.

Heavy Engineering

“With our wide selection of crane and hoist devices, we can provide all the tools required for each stage of the manufacturing process for heavy machinery”

One or more aspects of the heavy engineering sector include large, heavy goods and facilities, such as vast machinery, enormous industrial buildings or complexes with numerous processes housed under one roof. For these applications, We provide comprehensive logistics solutions for mechanical and plant engineering applications with three-level Mechatro crane installations.

Mechatro workplace cranes assist the workforce during each stage of the assembly process. Mechatro has high-tech overhead travelling cranes on the middle level that deliver parts to the assembly areas. Our top level cranes also transfer finished installations and heavy load pieces.

Infrastructure Industries

“We design and provide cranes in high-capacity gantry and double-girder configurations for the handling and supply of voussoir, the construction of tunnels, and their manufacturing processes inside manufacturing facilities”

Mechatro has been actively participating in many infrastructure projects like Roads, Highways, Bridges, Metros and other infra segments.

Our high-capacity gantry cranes, built to resist the short work cycles of the project and respect featured groups to prevent interference, are the ideal solution to guarantee that your infrastructure is finished on schedule.

Manufacturing Industries

“We provide over 40 years of expertise, a wide selection of pre-engineered crane parts, and software that creates crane designs and drawings for customised answers to virtually any manufacturing application”

The manufacturing sector has consistently been the main one for which Mechatro offers material handling solutions. Nearly all manufacturing industries can use our crane and hoist for light to heavy product production. To suit your unique requirements, increase production, and improve safety, Mechatro can also provide customized cranes following various product flowcharts, regardless of the type of manufacturing you undertake.

The capacity of our cranes designed for the manufacturing industry ranges from 250 kg to 250 tonnes available. Single and double girder, overhead, underhung, portal, semi-portal, slewing jib, wall moving jib etc. are some crane structures that we provide. Our cranes provide numerous key USPs for reliability, productivity, safety and a lower total cost of ownership.

Process Equipment Industries

“With our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the unique industrial processes used in the paper industry, process integration, recycling, bulk handling, the aircraft industry, and the manufacturing and handling of steel, our process cranes are created and developed to meet particular specifications that guarantee the highest levels of availability, efficiency, and security for your facilities”

We provide the most popular cranes for the process equipment industry that are jib cranes up to 2 tons or bridge cranes up to 10 tons. Additionally, we work in designing cranes useful in connected industrial processes for:

  • Equipment for use in the pharmaceutical business, particularly for medical equipment
  • The food processing industry (particularly in producing wine and beer).

Steel Industries

“Cranes are the key components of steel industries, handling heavy steel material without proper infrastructure and facilities can be huge loss of manpower and budget”

In the steel industry, material handling systems in process equipment play a key role in cost-effectiveness. The effectiveness and adaptability of all working sequences, including those in downstream industrial processes, are significantly influenced by the performance delivered by our cranes. Our customers use Mechatro crane systems to efficiently store materials and distribute them at the right moment. To meet these needs, we provide the following:

  • Crane concepts built and optimized to satisfy particular industry and process needs are available in various crane solutions for the steel industry.
  • Continuous accessibility
  • Excellent flexibility in handling merchandise and high space utilization in retailers.

Metro Projects

“Mechatro has extensive experience and a wide range of project cases in gantry cranes used in subway construction. The construction of subway tunnels takes advantage of the muck cleaned up by the subway gantry crane that lifts the muck dug up by the shield tunneling machine to the ground and is in charge of building subway tunnels”

Metro construction gantry cranes are employed more frequently in the construction of subway tunnels due to the industry's rapid growth. The efficient use of large-tonnage metro construction gantry cranes directly impacts the subway tunnel building projects' safety, efficiency, and quality, which in turn impacts the project's economic and social benefits.

Some of the unique features of our gantry cranes are:

  • Variable span to maximize crane efficiency.
  • The cantilever is more useful and removable.
  • Fast running, a lot of labor, and excellent productivity.
  • The lifting height is high.
  • Automatic dumping is possible with a unique tilting spreader.

Renewable Energy

“Mechatro provides specialized solutions for solar, biomass, wind, and hydropower regeneration plants that increase production and minimize any potential downtime”

Energy production, particularly renewable energy sources, calls for dependable and long-lasting technological solutions. The various systems must endure these harsh climatic conditions for years while subjected to UV radiation, temperature variations, strong winds, filth, and dust.

Mechatro cranes are useful in energy plants because they give assembly workers the help they need to position machinery and equipment correctly, ensuring accuracy throughout its cycle. Ideal for handling delicate gas and steam turbine power generation installation machinery parts, our travelling cranes, bridge cranes, and chain hoists are frequently used for repair and maintenance work on wind turbines and generators in hydroelectric power plants.

Railway Industries

“With a focus on crane availability, reliability, and ease of maintenance with little downtime, Mechatro Crane System has been manufacturing and installing overhead cranes, portal cranes, and specialized bespoke cranes for the production and maintenance of railways and railway rolling stock for over decades”

The diverse range of rail-related projects that Mechatro works on includes everything from the newest high-tech manufacturing facilities at international sites to new lifting equipment at a specialized rail depot in national projects where heritage rolling stock, including mainline steam locomotives, is preserved.

To maximize availability and reduce the need for maintenance, the advanced hoist will typically be specified for rolling stock manufacturing. Inverter control of every crane travel action ensures safe acceleration and deceleration for load stability and accurate low-speed final placement.

Paper Industries

“Our customised Cranes For Paper Industries Are Reliable Increasing Productivity And Efficiency In the Best Way Possible”

In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability and they have to be equipped ready for any maintenance work that needs to be done. In addition, rolls of paper have to be stored and retrieved gently, precisely and efficiently.

To meet these diverse requirements, we have developed special solutions that provide for reliable processes in paper mills and stores:

  • Cranes to serve paper machines.
  • Cranes to serve roller cutters.
  • Automated process cranes to serve paper roll stores.
  • Warehouse management systems.

EPC Companies

“When It Comes To Custom And Standard Cranes, The Success Of Your Project Is Our Responsibility. Meeting your project schedule on time every time ”

We understand the importance of cranes for EPC firms and stress the focus more on making it economical, effective and customization of cranes that are delivered on time every time to meet end customer's project schedules. Being one of the top leaders in the customized crane manufacturing industry, we have established ourselves as the first choice by a majority of the leading EPC companies for EOT crane solutions and Services.

Sugar Industries

“We Provide Cane Unloader, Mill House Cranes, Power House cranes That Are At The Heart Of The Sugar Industry ”

The Sugar Cane Unloader is a fork type-grabbing crane used for unloading sugarcane raw materials with an easy flexibility and speed. Material handling plays an important role in process industries especially in sugar production, where the sugar cane has to be unloaded round the clock for which there is a demand for an efficient and robust equipment to handle the task more challengingly. The design conforms to the relevant Indian standards.

Mechatro Cranes